Nowhere Video Released!

After a month of studying, drawing, and pulling out our hair, our first animated video is finally finished! The “Nowhere” video features our mascot, Scott, the moon bear. He was very nervous since this was his first time acting. The video is basically about Scott’s journey on a hot air balloon. On his journey, he meets friends and foes and visits strange places.

The music video basically sums up how we felt while making our debut album. We went through lots of ups and downs and ran into some problems, and we really don’t know where we’re going, but hopefully this music journey will end up somewhere nice.

We decided to make our own video, because we had no money. We asked a lot of animators, but our budget was too small for them or we were asking for too much. Adrian and I came up with a basic story line and went on from there. The video is hand drawn by Adrian! We colored together and Adrian did the animation. This project was a lot of work, but we had fun and hope to continue making more videos.

We hope you enjoy the Nowhere video!

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To Scott

Wow, look how famous this moon bear is! Maybe after releasing the Nowhere Video, you’ll become famous too!

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Update on Video

It looks like we’ll be able to finish the “Nowhere” video on or ahead of schedule. We set a goal to finish within a month and the first half was finished in about a week. At first, we were basically making the story as we went along with the project, but the storyboard is now complete. The 2nd half of the video has a lot more things to animate. Oh, and the video is hand drawn!!

Scott will be making his debut as an actor very soon! He’s been practicing night and day. Here is a shot from the storyboard.

storyboard shot 1

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New Video Project

I was really sad when I heard our “Impervious” music video was cancelled. About four months into the project, the guy making the video became too busy and had to give up. It was looking really good too… I told Adrian, “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!” We’re now making our own music video, lol. I feel like our band has become the ultimate DIY band.

We set a goal to finish within one month. We chose the song, “Nowhere,” because I felt like I was going nowhere after I heard the news about our last video. We hope to share the “Nowhere video” with you soon! The first 20 seconds look good so far~


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