Knodazzi is a Los Angeles based, self-produced alternative rock duo. The two members, Euny and Adrian, collaborated on a project in 2004 while attending Berklee College of music and have been making music ever since. Knodazzi (nodazi) means bonanza in Korean. The two couldn’t think of a name for the group and Adrian randomly said, “I hope we strike gold!” Thus, Knodazzi was born.

Euny is the vocalist, songwriter, and producer of the group. She first knew she wanted to be a musician when she heard music by Chopin. Her parents made her take piano lessons as a child, but she eventually stopped, because she wouldn’t practice and kept making random melodies by herself. During high school, her dad bought a guitar, but no one in the family ever got around to playing it. Euny thought the guitar was going to waste, and found it was easier to write songs with a guitar than the piano. She always liked alternative music, but grew into genres like acid-jazz and trip hop as she got older. She likes to write her music in dark quiet places. She wrote the whole debut album demo inside the car, with the lights off in the garage, since it was the darkest place she could find! In her spare time, Euny experiments with baking and making pastries. She has also developed an interest for food photography.

Adrian is the composer and producer of Knodazzi. He started composing music in his freshman year of high school. He played the piano as a child, but he eventually taught himself how to play the guitar after a friend showed him a few chords. He has always liked rock music, but was later influenced by electronica during his college days. Adrian originally wanted to go into art, but decided he liked music a bit more. He designed the Knodazzi website as well as the album cover. Unlike Euny, Adrian can write music anywhere as long as he’s not hungry. When he’s not working on music or art, he spends his time by reading or cooking.

Scott Ma
Scott is Knodazzi’s mascot. He’s an Asian black bear, also known as the moon bear. Scott is currently taking acting lessons hoping to appear in Knodazzi’s music video. Scott made his acting debut in Knodazzi’s Nowhere Video!

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