Moon Bear

While thinking of Knodazzi’s logo and design, AdrianĀ and I happened to watch a documentary on Asian black bears. They’re also known as the moon bears because of white marking on their chest, shaped like a crescent moon. The minute I saw the moon bears, I instantly fell in love. I knew that moon bears existed, since they’re pretty well known throughout Asia, but I did not know how bad of a condition they’re in. They’re often hunted for their body parts to make medicine. Due to hunting and deforestation, the moon bear population is declining rapidly worldwide. I’m sad because I don’t know where to start in helping them. That’s why, Knodazzi created Scott, our mascot, to make people more aware of moon bears. It’s not much, but it’s a start!

Scott says, “I’m not medicine. I can’t cure people!”


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