Store F.A.Q

I clicked on the link from your site and was taken to What happened?

Our merchandise shop is set up at Don’t be alarmed. They’re a good company.

Why are there two different prices for the same design?

We have two different types of t-shirts:
The standard t-shirt is 100% cotton with a relaxed fit.
The American Apparel t-shirt is a snug-fitting lightweight cotton jersey tee which fits better for those with a smaller frame. The fabric feels better and softer than the standard tee.

Can I choose a different color besides the one shown?
Yes, there are many different colors to choose from. Once you choose a t-shirt type and design, there are color boxes you can click on to see what the design will look like on that color.

How should I take care of my shirt?
We recommend cold wash and hanging to dry. They tend to shrink a bit in the dryer.

I have a question about Shipping and Handling and Returns.
Shipping and Handling and Returns are all taken care of by
Please contact them for any questions relating to this topic.
You can read about spreadshirt’s return policy from

Here is a link to Spreadshirt’s F.A.Q section

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